WATTSHOP Dirty Fast Treatment


WATTSHOP Dirty Fast Treatment

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Simply send in your chain and we will get it waxed or re-waxed for you.

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DirtyFast chains are installed exactly like a normal chain. For Shimano chains, you can either use the supplied press pin, or use a split link if you wish to make removing your chain easier. For the manufacturers fitting instructions, please download the Shimano manual here. For KMC chains, please use the supplied split link. KMC manufacturers fitting instructions are available here.


DirtyFast chains are very easy to maintain. For the first 400km they don’t require any cleaning or lubrication. If the chain gathers any grit, dirt or sand, just wipe the chain with a cloth or a light brush to remove it. After 400km, the chains performance will start to reduce down to that of a non-waxed chain. At this point you can either send your chain back to WattShop for a rewax to maintain it’s peak performance, or you can lubricate the chain as you would a normal chain although the performance will be at the same level of an unwaxed chain.